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Registration Time

May 17 (Wednesday),  3p.m.-7p.m.
May 18 (Thursday),  8a.m.-7p.m.
May 19 (Friday),  8a.m.-12p.m.

May18 (Thursday), 2017

09:00-10:30 Royton Hall
Chemical Marketing Seminar (Session1)
  1. 1. Outlook for Global Economy and State of the Global Petrochemical Industry
    Mr. Clive Gibson, Vice President, Energy & Chemicals Advisory
  2. 2. Long-term Sustainability in Commodity Petrochemicals “An outlook for olefins and aromatics”
    Mr. Lee Fagg, Principal, Energy & Chemicals Advisory
  3. 3. Adapting to a Changing Game - Impact of environmental and Political Landscape changes
    Mr. Richard Sleep, Senior Vice President, Energy & Chemicals Advisory
Coffee Break
10:45-12:15 Royton Hall
Chemical Marketing Seminar (Session2)
S&P Global Platts
  1. 1. The Impact of low oil prices on olefins & a global overview of ethylene & propelene projects
    Hetain Mistry, Managing Analyst, Petrochemicals
  2. 2. China & India: The Race is on.
    Eshwar Yennigalla, Analyst, Petrochemicals
  3. 3. Can olefins ride out market volatility?
    Fumiko Dobashi, Senior Editor, Petrochemicals
  4. 4.Surge in global tradeflows: BZ & PX
    Bao Ying Ng, Managing Editor, Petrochemicals
11:45-14:15 Empress, Regent, Highness
13:45-15:15 Royton Hall
Chemical Marketing Seminar (Session3)
  1. “Accelerated Changes:
    New Scenarios for the Global Refining and Petrochemical Industries, and the Role of China”
  2. 1. Climate change, pollution concerns and the impact on refining and chemicals
    Stefano Zehnder, Senior Consultant
  3. 2. China at a turning point: The impact of economic reforms on the Asian and global economies
    Joseph Chang, Global Editor, ICIS Chemical Business
  4. 3. Uncertain demand and trade-flow patterns
    John Richardson, Senior Consultant
Coffee Break
15:30-17:00 Royton Hall
Chemical Marketing Seminar (Session4)
Tecnon OrbiChem
  1. ”The Chemical Industry’s Contribution to the Low Carbon Economy”
  2. 1. Bio-economy concept and its role in the chemical supply chain
    Doris de Guzman, Senior Consultant, Bio-Materials
  3. 2. CO2 as a chemical feedstock
    Roger Lee, Managing Director
  4. 3. Replacing existing petro-chemicals with bio-based alternatives
    Dr Charles Fryer, Chairman
  5. 4. New bio-routes for the production of Monoethylene Glycol
    Gillian Tweddle, Business Manager, Individual Project Studies

May 19 (Friday), 2017

09:00-09:10 Royton Hall
Welcome Remarks
09:10-10:10 Royton Hall
Opening Addresses
  1. 1. Chairman of JPCA (Japan)
  2. 2. Chairman of KPIA (Korea)
  3. 3. Chairman of PIAT (Taiwan)
  4. 4. President of MPA (Malaysia)
  5. 5. Chairman of FTIPC (Thailand)
  6. 6. Chairperson of SCIC (Singapore)
  7. 7. President of CPMA (India)
Coffee Break
10:30-11:50 Royton Hall
Keynote Speeches
  1. 1. Neil Chapman, President of ExxonMobil Chemical Company
    "Petrochemicals in the Next Decade"
  2. 2. Michitaka Sawada, President of  Kao Corporation
    "Creating Connections to Drive Innovation"
11:50-14:30 Empress, Regent, Highness

Castle, Crystal Rooms, Emerald Rooms

Committee Meetings
  1. 1. General Matters and Raw Materials (Venue: Castle)
    Chairman: Mr. Tsutomu Iwasaki, Executive Officer, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
    Vice Chairman: Mr.Abdul Mazlan Abdul Razak, Head of Innovation Networks, Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad
    1. 1. Wood Mackenzie  14:00-14:50
      Theme: Global oil and gas supply / demand and price outlooks focusing on chemical feedstocks

      Speaker: Alan Gelder, VP Refining, Chemicals & Oil Markets, EMEARC Research
    2. 2. IHS Markit  14:50-15:40
      Theme: Olefins production competitiveness and outlooks

      Speaker: Tony Potter, Vice President
    3. 3. Nexant  15:40-16:30
      Theme: Outlook for Aromatics: Understanding the Changing Landscape

      Speaker: Mr. Johan Vandebeek, Senior Analyst, Energy & Chemicals Advisory
    4. 4. Panel Discussion  16:30-17:00
  1. 2. Polyolefins (Venue: Crystal Room A)
    Chairman: Mr. Soji Sakamoto, Executive Officer, Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Cheong Peng Khuan, Senior Vice President, Lotte Chemical Titan (M) Sdn Bhd
    1. Opening Address  14:00-14:05
      Mr. Soji Sakamoto, Chairman
    2. 1. ICIS  14:05-14:35
      Theme: Survival of the fittest - are the non-traditional olefins/polyolefins routes sustainable in the low oil, low naphtha environment?

      Speaker: Regan Hartnell, Senior Consultant
    3. 2. ICIS  14:35-15:05
      Theme: The coming US petrochemical export surge - “Trumped or not Trumped”

      Speaker: Amber Liu, Senior manager
    4. 3. Nexant  15:05-15:35
      Theme: Global LDPE EVA copolymer market

      Speaker: Ms. Anna Ibbotson, Principal, Energy & Chemicals Advisory
    5. 4. Nexant  15:50-16:20
      Theme: Outlook for global linear alpha olefins (LAOs)

      Speaker: Ms. Chommanad Thammanayakatip, Managing Consultant, Energy & Chemicals Advisory
    6. 5. CNCIC  16:20-16:50
      Theme: China polyolefins industry outlook

      Speaker: Peter Huang, CEO
    7. Closing Address  16:50-16:55
      Mr. Soji Sakamoto, Chairman
  1. 3. Styrenics (Venue: Emerald Room A)
    Chairman: Mr. Yoshihiro Ono, Lead Executive Officer, Asahi Kasei Corporation
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Norihiro Miyoshi, Managing Director, Idemitsu Chemicals (M) Sdn Bhd
    1. 1. ICIS  14:00-14:50
      Theme: The road ahead for Asia styrene & feedstocks

      Speaker: Clive Ong, Senior Editor Manager
    2. 2. IHS Markit   15:00-15:50
      Theme: Styrene & Styrene Polymers Global Outlook

      Speaker: Alan Lu, Director
    3. 3. Platts  16:00-16:50
      Theme: Will the shale wave rewrite the future of styrene and feedstocks?

      Speaker: Genevieve Soong, Associate Editor, Petrochemicals
  1. 4. PVC (Venue: Emerald Room B)
    Chairman: Mr. Mitsutaka Sugata, Director, Taiyo Vinyl Corporation
    1. Opening Address  14:00-14:10
      Mr. Mitsutaka Sugata, Chairman
    2. 1. Platts  14:10-15:00
      Theme: India takes the lead in Asian PVC

      Speaker: Fumiko Dobashi, Senior Editor, Petrochemicals
    3. 2. ICIS  15:00-15:50
      Theme: Asia Vinyls Market Review & the Revival of China as an Export Player

      Speaker: Kite Chong, Markets Editor
    4. 3. JLC  15:50-16:40
      Theme: China PVC Industry Development Characteristics and Prospect

      Speaker: Michael Tang, Vice President
    5. Closing Address  16:40-16:50
      Mr. Mitsutaka Sugata, Chairman
  1. 5. Synthetic Rubber (Venue: Crystal Room B)
    Chairman: Mr. Hayato Hirano, Managing Officer, JSR Corporation
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Lim Boon Hoe, Corporate Management Director, Petrochemicals (M) Sdn Bhd
    1. Opening Addres  14:00-14:05
      Mr.Hayato Hirano, Chairman
    2. 1. IHS Markit  14:05-14:55
      Theme: Balance prospects for global synthetic rubber and raw butadiene

      Speaker: Anthony Song, Director
    3. 2. JLC  14:55-15:45
      Theme: China Synthetic Rubber Market Analysis

      Speaker: Amanda Zhao, Head of International Department
    4. 3. Bridgestone  16:00-16:50
      Theme: Trend of tire technology for sustainable society

      Speaker: Tatsuro Hamada, Vice President & Officer
  1. 6. Synthetic Fiber Raw Materials (Venue: Emerald Room C)
    Chairman: Mr. Katsunori Kajii, Director, Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Azhar Mohammad Radzi, Head of Marketing , Petronas Chemicals Marketing (Labuan) Ltd
    1. Wood Mackenezie
      1. EO/EG Market& Balance of World trend(including New Capa)
      2. MEG China(including Coal to MEG & others)
      3. PTA Market(including PX)
      4. Synthetic Fiber's Raw Material trend
      (including Acylonitrile,Caprolactam & Terephthalic Acid & DMT)
    2. Speaker:
      EO/EG/MEG: Paul Clarke, Senior Consultant, EO/EG/MEG
      PTA,PX: Steve Jenkins, VP Consulting - Chemicals, Polymers & Fibres
  1. 7. Chemicals (Venue: Crystal Room C)
    Chairman: Mr. Hitoshi Hayashi, Executive Officer, Daicel Corporation
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Mohd Zameer Zahur Hussain, Head, Business Development, Petronas Chemicals Marketing (Labuan) Ltd
    1. 1. ICIS  14:00-14:40
      Theme: Gas or CTO… will it ever work in the current low oil price environment?

      Speaker: Bala Ramani, Senior Consultant
    2. 2. ICIS  14:40-15:20
      Theme: Exploring the intertwining relationship between PO and polyether polyols

      Speaker: Matthew Chong, Markets Editor
    3. 3. IHS Markit  15:35-16:15
      Theme: Trends in Specialty Chemicals and Growth Opportunities in Asia

      Speaker: Masahiro Yoneyama, Senior Director
    4. 4. Tecnon OrbiChem  16:15-16:55
      Theme: Phthalates vs. Non-Phthalates Plasticisers. Repercussions for Raw Material Markets

      Speaker: Angel Fernandez, Business Manager
  1. 8. Environmental Issues (Venue: Emerald Room D)
    Chairman: Dr. Shinji Ogawa, Managing Executive Officer, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Yee Kok Leong, Division Manager, Toray Plastics (M) Sdn Bhd
    1. 1. Theme: Sustainable Society and Chemical Industry - ICCA E&CC and Its Activity -  14:00-14:50
      Speaker: Mr. Bunro Shiozawa, Senior Associate, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
    2. 2. Theme: Possibility of environmental load reduction through selection of optimum food packaging: Considering the function of package to reduce food losses  15:00-15:50
      Speaker: Dr. Takeo Shiina, Professor, Chiba University
    3. 3. Theme: Plastic Waste Management for Sustainable Urbanization in Asia
      - Lessons from experiences of Japan -  16:00-16:50

      Speaker: Mr. Hisao Ida, Executive Director, Plastic Waste Management Institute
18:00-20:00 Royton Hall
Farewell Party

Above schedule might be changed.